This page describes some workshops I have developed. I am open to working with your group to create a workshop designed to meet your exact needs.

I have a whole set of Head Start workshops, keyed to the CDA competencies, and I have often been a Head Start trainer. Please ask.

Sometimes you need a paragraph about me. Here is one. I’ll be glad to write you one that is longer or shorter or meets other needs; please have me do that, since sometimes what others write about me is surprising (and sometimes even inaccurate!). Thanks.

Making our Work and the Children’s Visible

Children & Teachers Making Stories & Fantasies:
Gianni Rodari’s Reggio Emilia Lectures and What They Mean to Us

Children Bring Their Own Agendas:
Emergent Curriculum in Our Classroom

Reggio Emilia

The Image of the Child:

Strong, Powerful, Competent & Rich in Ideas

What in the World is Agency?

Preserving young children’s power

The Arts Keep Us in Balance

Literacy Workshops

Key Words:

Sylvia Ashton Warner’s Delicious Way of Teaching Beginning Reading


Vivian Gussin Paley’s Prize Winning Language Development Technique

Children’s Literature:

The Enchanted Child in the Real World

Mental Health/Discipline Workshops

Saying Goodbye and Other Scary Times:

A Workshop on Death, Divorce, Separation, and the First Day of School/Childcare

Helping Children Mind:

a Discipline Workshop

Working with Children:

Implementing Responsive, Reflective Practice in the Early Childhood Classroom

Children of Incarcerated Parents:

They’re Crime Victims, too!

Creative Arts Workshops

Children and Creativity:

What’s So Important?

When Is It Science? When Is It Art?

Art: A Special Part of Every Day

A Creative Arts Approach to Peace Education

Diversity Workshops

When Children Make Errors:

A Constructivist Teacher’s Ways of Intervening …

White Teacher:

For Teachers Who Want to Work Better Across Cultures

White Teacher, Black Teacher