“SummerCamp” (Year-Round)

cafeSince my home is full of books, files, documentation, CDs DVDs and audio- and video-tapes about the subjects I like to teach — Ashton-Warner and Key Vocabulary; Reggio Emilia and Documentation and Arts Education, Preserving Agency in Children; Children of Incarcerated Parents and the other hard subjects like death and dying, divorce, or helping children through crises; and writing about children and teaching — I’ve invented SummerCamp, a format that lets me work from home and lets you have some time in San Francisco.

Here’s how it works: you stay in my home for five days/four nights. We work together, face to face, in the morning, and after that you’re on your own … to play or to study, using the materials I’ve suggested in the morning. We meet together again later in the day to pull your work together, and maybe play some more (the playing is sometimes together, sometimes not. I like to swim at least a couple of times a week, and to go to the theater and to hear live music … you’re welcome to join me or to forge ahead on your own). I’m near public transit and will supply you with maps and such.

People who live in the Bay Area are welcome to join camps that are going to happen … and to use my library of materials during the camp session … and perhaps beyond the camp session … we can talk about that.

summer2My guestroom is cool (bring sweats or other warm clothing) and the bathroom is, inconveniently, up the stairs (and the stairs are outdoors — but there’s a potty in the guestroom). Weather in SF always is cold at night, (usually in the 50s sometimes in the 40s) — so bring a warm jacket or coat.

Cost to you? We can negotiate this. You should decide what you can afford (and how much you’re going to eat in the house, how much in SF’s lovely restaurants; I can help you find places where you can eat for under $15 and still eat well) … or, if you have more money, I also can help you find wonderful restaurants at other prices. The point about this pricing is that I don’t want to price you out if you want to come. Some work exchange can be arranged. And there is the David Z. Levitov scholarship fund … so if you want to come, don’t be shy.

One of the special things about SummerCamp is that you very much influence what we study. My first SummerCamp was with someone who was new to Reggio Emilia thinking, and we spent our nine days on a class which must be called Introduction to Reggio Emilia.

The second SummerCamp was a couple who wanted to focus upon Documentation. And the third SummerCamp was a woman who’s deep into the work. We examined things that came up in her practice that raised questions for her. It had the feeling of a seminar … more of a colleague-to-colleague event. There have been a dozen people through my SummerCamp, over three seasons.

They’re an amazing lot, and I feel I’m getting what I know out into the world, so younger people can carry the work on. People have come from the east coast, the midwest, Bahrain, Belgium, and Oregon, among other places.

I  have decided that SummerCamp needn’t only be in the summer, and so if there’s a time when you would like to come and study, you can let me know and if I have no conflicts, I’ll welcome you then.

Check out someone I’ve influenced here. Scroll down to the biography on Heidi Joyce.

Ask me any questions that occur to you. I like questions.