Arrangements & Fees

To inquire about my giving a workshop in your community, please think about what your needs are, figure out what you can afford to pay, and then telephone me at 415-586-7338 (Pacific Time). I return calls within 24 hours.

I don’t publish my rates because I negotiate them, trying to work for people who need me and also trying to earn a decent living. If you know what your ceiling is, we can usually work something out.

About the space you select for the workshop, here are some things that matter:

  • A room with windows.
  • Movable furniture.
  • Dry-erase boards, chalk boards, or flip charts (always nice to have flip charts, and the best are the post-it kind)
  • Things to write with on the above.

If a circle of chairs, make it actually a C shape, with me in the space in the C.  That way, I don’t have to turn my aging neck too far to see anyone.  And put my spot in the middle of the longer wall … that makes the distance to any one person much closer than if I’m, say, in the space in the U.

If we’re meeting for more than one day, the room must be for our exclusive use during the whole time; that way we can build our environment, based upon what we have discussed and learned.